Out Of Network PT

Why are we an Out of Network Provider of Physical Therapy Care?

Being out of network allows us to provide you with:

  • PT Specialists with advanced training in less common niche diagnostic categories.
  • Comprehensive medical wellness and preventative services.
  • Necessary specialized care without insurance contract restrictions on the number of visits and treatment session time.
  • Full hour (or more) personalized treatment sessions focusing on your goals. Saving your therapist the time needed to complete unnecessary administrative paperwork to justify why your care is medically necessary. Instead, our time is spent wisely, focusing on you!
  • Effective treatment modalities that are in the scope of physical therapy care but may not be reimbursable through your insurance carrier. Examples such as health and wellness services, trigger point dry needling, EMG biofeedback and education all fit in this category.
  • Sufficient time to educate you regarding your diagnosis and how to manage your pain and condition.
  • Transparency with pricing and billing.
  • Convenient treatments: Saturday and home visits are available. Flexible treatment times can save you time, money and minimize lost time at work.
  • With your input and your goals in mind, your physical therapy specialist will devise a customized treatment program to reach all of your functional and health and wellness goals. It truly is physical therapy “your Way”!