About Us

Physical Therapy Your Way & Advanced Specialty Care was founded to provide specialty type physical therapy care for less common diagnostic areas. Our talented physical therapists have completed post-graduate degrees, attended extensive continuing education coursework; have lengthy clinical experience and/or earned certifications in their specialty area.

Our gifted team shares a similar philosophy of care, to provide a trusting, personalized and holistic treatment experience in an environment of clinical excellence. Our mission is to evaluate and treat you, all of you, not just your new area of pain or new troubling condition. Most frequently, the cause of your new functional problem is the sum of all of your parts, including your past medical history, previous surgeries and injuries, amount of stress, physical activity level, occupational demands, the quality of how each part of your body moves and functions. At Physical Therapy Your Way we work at evaluating all of your layers, “pealing your onion” to get at the root of your problem to ensure you with the best long-term functional outcomes. Our goal is get you back to performing the activities in life you want to enjoy again. As a trusting team, we can accomplish amazing things.

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