Except for Medicare and Department of Veterans Affairs,* Physical Therapy Your Way & Advanced Specialty Care is out of network with all insurance companies. Being out of network means that we do not file paperwork with your insurance company on your behalf and that we collect full payment from you at the time of service. If you have out-of-network insurance benefits, we will provide you with an itemized billing statement with treatment codes and diagnosis codes so you may submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Our fee is $184 for the Evaluation (first) visit and $164 for each followup visit. Evaluations and treatments are between 55 and 60 minutes in length.

Since we are in-network with Medicare, we will submit claims to Medicare and to secondary insurance companies for any Medicare patients who also have secondary coverage. After your claims have been processed for Medicare and any secondary insurance, we will collect fees for our services based on your explanation of benefits form.

Why are we an out-of-network provider of physical therapy care?

Being out of network allows us to provide you with:

  • Hour-long, personalized treatment sessions in private rooms. We focus entirely on you and your goals.
  • Therapists who have advanced training in specialty treatment areas.
  • Care not restricted by insurance company policies that limit the length and number of physical therapy appointments or the treatment modalities that may be used. Effective modalities that are often restricted by insurers include biofeedback and dry needling among others.
  • Comprehensive wellness, preventative, and education services.
  • Transparency with pricing and billing.

Please contact your insurance company to determine your costs. We have drafted the below documents to guide your conversation with your insurance company so that you can minimize your out-of-pocket costs:

If you talk to your insurance company and are still unclear of your benefits, please talk to our administrative team. As a courtesy, we will call your insurance company and assist you in understanding your insurance coverage as well as your personal financial responsibility for receiving care at Physical Therapy Your Way. Our ultimate aim is to help you reach your personal goals!